Mars Vs Venus ** U vs ME

im no no book reader.
magazines maybe.
honestly speaking.
this may really help.
and some situations might be
'been there done that'

coz me n u...
me n u are from different planet.
and speaks different language.
but its written by god.
we will find ways to
fall in love.
and be together.

so dont laugh.
and say man are simple.
coz to us ladies. ur complicated and hard to understand
and to u. we are so complicated as well.

so we have to find ways to understand each other well.

as from the saying.

' when men and women respect their differences ,
the love has a chance to blossom '

very much true i guess

its all about understanding.

i must try to understand u.
u must try to understand me

both sides must put and effort.
cant be only one side.
ta kan menjadi.

and we must willing to change ourselves.
to make things work for the love we have.

with that.

i love u.


karaoke nite!


had a great time karaoke with my cozin, my bro and couple of frens..
@ nilai..
since iyul (d cozin) is d member of da karaoke box..

had a blast with em...!!
thanks cozin..love u so much muax !!!

we should do this more often..
wash all the stress away !

speaking of that
watched American Idol this season yesterday..
not bad la this season..n byk je cute2..eheshh!
i not yet have my favorite one..see first lah!
actually baru dpt tgk 1 show this season..dem!

namenye keje astro tp ta de mase nak tgk TV !..
even dkt office ade je TV bersepah2..tp ta dpt focus on the story..sbb asek2..'ye cik..? maaf cik bule tlg ulang lagi selagi..'
sgt tak competent..not good not good..habes performance aku! and der goes my bonus! down d drain..
cannot go..~

bile tny mama.
.ma da tgk cite ni..'dah'..
ma da tgk cite tu..'dah'
sme die dah tgk..

and sbb org2 mcm mama la yang folo segala cerita dkt astro..
sekali takde signal..SCNA..(serv currently not available)..ha..mule la call mara2..
mama mama...
my aunty nah pon same..
tu tak le kacau KBS World die..huishh!..

today my work is OK..
ta de dispute..sme ok je hrni..
bagus la rakyat malaysia harini..hehheeh~
1 malaysia bebeh!

rite..im gonna go bed now...
my bros turn to use the net..for game la..mcm biase..

nitey nite peepol!

astrofest 2010

20 February 2010

i was working that day till 4.
papa, mama n afiq pick me up at the office since my car ta de aircond and i refuse to drive while the sun is up there.

and so we reach Astro ABC (Bkt Jalil) at around 5 plus plus
met up 2 gorgeous - gordon and reezal (top most left pic above)
and also my darling sophia with her soon-to-be fiancee : norman (top 2nd left pic)
then we played a few games, won a couple of silly gifts like maggy, cawan and blablabla
had satay,nasik lemak n drinks..
well everything is free..! totally !
na buat tattoo pon ade..but not the permanent one laa...
and ade make2 up..reflexology..manicure..
ada wall climbing..room with angin and bola terbang2 di udara ( i dont know what it call..sorry)
artists like meet uncle hussein, reza, Aril, radio Djs and tah sape sape lagi..

ramai sungguh..
each staff will get 3 'FAMILY' wrist-tag..
tp ramai sungguh rasanyee manusia di situ...

my first year in ASTRO..was quite fun..

and the family day also not bad..i had fun..i know papa did..! haha!

headed back to the office to pick up my car..tp afiq yg tukang drive.. head back to semenyih..
had dinner @ beranang cafe

reach home and doze off trus coz the next day..im working @ 8 !

she shop like holic !

i do..i do shop like crazy..
till someone has to stop me..
and when i manage to stop myself..its like hallaluyah!
another site
where il update dresses,tops,accesories i bought..
maybe outside in shops or booths and bazaars..
and also stuff i even bought online from my favourites blogshops..

also perhaps stuff i wouldnt want anymore n would post it for sale.
kalaw ade org na beli la..
since my sister pun don't want it..* so call not her style*

here : she shop never stop

happy shopping !

imagine that!

hullo peepol!
yup again a new blog..
nope not because of any break up or whatsoever..
just a silly reason.

my genius brain memory lost my pasword for my prev blog!
imagine that!
dem it!

da try byk kali reset tp mcm tak bole.
i even lupe email mane that i registered with.
email yahoo ke.. email astro ke..

so cubaan anda gagal!

ta pe ...

so start a new la!.


ps: credits to illi , kak titi , J and zex kerana meng'vote' layout sexy chick ni..love it! and kaler die merah la bukan oren..ke oren?
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