L.i.F.E (part 1)

been awhile huh?..
whats up n whats down?? heee~

since my last post in july..
lotsa lotsa..laughters..tears..dramas..
so this is a 'honest' updates on what happened in my life so far..up till today...

1. R for relationships .
Been into a relationship..but guess had'nt been great n it unfortunately went short..yup..perhaps..im not good enuff..or..im not bad enuff?? god knows what....trying to let go now..seriously i need to..like SERIOUSLY!..put him at one nice corner..smile..walk away..and move on!..that is definitely what i need to do..but im glad..i had gave u one 'mama'..to fill in the blanks, cares abt u..and make u happy..i hope!.

2. Dunk-it baby !
I hade bought the most expensive shoe i've ever bought..and my favourite one indeed!!...wear it with a pair of skinny jean or leggings..and im good to go!..love it!

3. Oldskool cool 
After my late Maktok passed away last april..she left us with loads of antiques like cabinets, pinggan mangkuk sets like Norita Kay..which kalau dijual it will be thousands of ringgits....and mama said arwah did said..'Norita Kay ni nanti bg thira bile die da kawen and ada umah sendri nanti'..i was touched when mama told me that!..being the eldest grandchild maybe...thank u maktok..i love u soo muchh!...

One of the antique cabinets..which has been used for years since my late grandparents home in perak..has gone into my bedroom!..yippie!..i have one full body length mirror..puas!..and ample space to susun barang2 ku yang berlambak2 tuu..
the antique cabinet

4. Creative psyche !
Finished my project..meng'decorate' my team's notice board !..menggunakan bahan2 terbuang seperti bekas telur, ranting kayu, dan kertas minyak.beginilah hasilnya...setelah bertungkus lumus..berpenat lelah..*over gile..hyperbola*..siap juga akhirnyaa..

5. Girls Aloud !
Went over to Alamanda..ber'jejak kasihan' with Sarah and Sitot..god knows how long we havent met and talk crap together !...we hang out since 6pm til 8.30pm @ Old town Alamanda..eat..gossips...catching up !.. and the best part..laugh out super loud..like no ones bussiness !

6.  Raya 2010 ! 
Celebrated back in Semenyih. families get together. eat ..laugh..and eat summore! and snapping pictures! lalalal~...pics says it all~
 the big family

camwhoring..like always..

 my family


7. The Newly Weds
Dearest cousin ..Abg luqman and Kak myra tied on a very nice solemnisation ceremony in Malacca. The night before we stayed @ Mahkota hotel and the next stayed over in a nice homestay just a couple of blocks from rumah pengantin perempuan..a walking distance btw..
the next day was the reception belah perempuan..we wore red..


we even celebrate Uncle Yahya's birthday as well as their Wedding Anniversary at the homestay.

on the journey back home..seperti biase..camwhore adik beradik !

end of part one..to be continue....tommoro...! i promise !


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