L.i.F.E (part 2)

8. Cherry Berry Hannah Banana

26.09.2010 - She's 2 !!.. rasa seperti cepat je masa berlalu..and now she's 2 years old..and mulut macam mak nenek!..'aunty tiya..aunty tiya..'...held a birthday bash at her nanny's house..which belakang my house je..her birthday is on the same date as my aunty na's birthday..so 2 celebration in 1 party !..

Went shopping a day before with jep. and bought her books for her birthday pwezies..lill books with cute pictures..and teaches her how to count and learn about animals..so on and so fourth..

Also bought Aunty Na a frame as well for her birthday.. and put a photo of me n jep..hahha!

I was working on the party day..ends at 10pm..so after work..zooom straight back home to join the party~

9.  Big Apple in a Big Bite !
Went over to alamanda with the lil sis..had ourselves 1 box of big apple ! nyummy...!

10.  Bubbly Babiesss~!!
had a great time with babies during raya..cute..bubbly..and rase na ngomol2 die !!!

This is Azmi's niece..Farheen Khalesya (if im not wrong in her name spell off)...but we call he chacha!!..mate besar gileee..ikot daddy die..

This is baby Farisya..( if im not wrong in her name spelling oso..hee)..she's my Team Manager Kak Fadz's baby niece..ini mcm anak jepun...urghh comel !!

11. Baking Sisters.
Me and my lil sis Yaya baked Chocolate Souffle on that one night..before the wedding...(for mesyuarat famly that night)...guess what..JADI !!..heheh.habis sme souffle kami.. Next we will try Lemon Souffle pulak..!


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